The 2008 Australian Psychic Directory


The 2008 Australian
Psychics Directory



Top 20 Psychic Predictions
Your Year by the Stars
2008 by Numbers

Mediumship with Steven Spencer
The Face Reader – Brian Oldfield
Palmistry – Josef Jutte

The 2008 Psychic of the Year Awards.

A psychic by any other name…
Leela Williams looks at the meaning and history of the word 'psychic'.

Find Your Soul Chi with Hiromi Mitsuya

8 steps to a better psychic reading
- Jacquelene Close Moore

Intuition Tuition
Discover your Sixth Sense
With Maria Elita

Colour Cotton Therapy by Morning Clouds

Hands On for Healing
Hiromi Mitsya finds her ability.

A Divine Cuppa!
Stacey De Marco reveals
What your morning brew says about you.

Reiki Healing and Chakra Balancing.

Brian Oldfield connects to the other side.

A New Life after Near Death with Jason Betts

Thomas Owen’s Psychic How To:
Divining with Playing Cards

Receiving Pennies from Heaven
Lucy Judd

Wish upon a Tarot Card
With Mitchell Coombes

Remote Viewing
The Clairvoyance of the Future
by Simon Turnbull

The Art and Light of Auras
With Mirium

So, you want to be a psychic?
Advice from Francis Bevan

Defence Against the Dark Arts
John Fitzsimons

Manifesting with your Dream Genie

Mediumship: My Dad and Me
Chiara's special connection.

The Art and Science of
Medical Intuition
With Elisabeth Jensen.


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