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2008 Australian Psychics Directory

Finding Meaning at the bottom of your coffee cup.
Come to your Six Senses
Intuition Tuition
Divination Lessons:
How to read playing cards,
Giving and receiving better readings.
Colour cotton therapy
Real life psychic encounters.
With the most comprehensive list of accredited
clairvoyants, psychics and intuitives ever!
  $5.50 plus $3.00 ph within Australia

2007 Australian Psychics Directory

On the Psi Squad
Sensing Murder and How to Handle It!
Remembering the Future
3 Steps to a Psychic New You
Mind your Power Thoughts
Ancient Egyptian Divination,
Co-creating Your Future
Psychic Dreams
Meaningful Coincidence
Develop Your ESP and more!
  $5.50 plus $3.00 ph within Australia

2006 Australian Psychics Directory

Divine Future
Psychic Spy
Make Sense of your Sixth Sense
Angel Therapy - A Heavenly Addiction
Hit Your Psychic Switch!
Finding Your Soul Chi Number
Pet Psychic
Healing and the Aura
Tea Cup Reading
The Ups and Downs of Dowsing and more!
  $5.50 plus $3.00 ph within Australia

2005 Australian Psychics Directory

  $5.50 plus $3.00 ph within Australia